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A Matter of Time Masterlist

A Matter of Time (COMPLETE)

Rating: explicit (sex), mature (violence)
Length: ~100,000 words
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack/Ianto, Jack/others, Ianto/others, original characters
Spoilers: Up to Something Borrowed
Summary: A time travelling, action-adventure, romance-filled science fiction romp ensues when Ianto runs into Jack in the fifty-first century after an accident with a vortex manipulator. Laser blasters, alien dance clubs, mercenaries, a little too much public sex for Ianto's tastes, sneaky plans and circular logic can be found here.
This work is also posted at An Archive of Our Own, so if you would like to download it as a pdf, mobi, epub, or html file, head on over and click "download" in the menu bar.

Glossary (read after chapter 8, unless you want to be spoiled on some details)
A complete list of my fic is now at my fic journal, demotu_writes.

Tags: a matter of time, fic, masterlist, torchwood
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