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hair blowing
Notes: I wrote this essay for to post to my RL circle of friends, despite reasons explained within as to why that's probably a bad idea, and I probably will when I find the guts to. In the meantime, I thought my journal friends might (a) find it interesting and (b) be willing to tell me if I said something utterly stupid. In other words, concrit welcome!

It's ironic (in what is the colloquial sense and not the literary sense) that I'm going to start this with the statement of 'as a person of the female gender in the male-dominated field of physics', but I am and will suffer the hypocrisy.Collapse )

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road sign

You know where it's NOT fun to feel an earthquake? In a chemistry lab. Sheesh. I ducked and covered because of the chemicals in here, and I have never seen anything - not even the fire klaxon - clear out this building faster. You can tell everyone here was wondering "was that an earthquake or did someone blow something up?" There was a horrible chemical fire in here last year, so the first thing through my mind wasn't "earthquake" but "holy shit explosion".

Ottawa's on a fault, though an old and relatively stable one, and I've felt maybe five earthquakes in my twenty plus years here. This one was by FAR the biggest and most abrupt - mad instant shaking rather than slow waves. Funny thing, though - organic chemists share my lab, complete with dozens of tiny glass vials all over the counters, and none of them tipped over.

Potentially shitty thing is that I'm running a rheometry test right now, and that could have blasted my sample to hell. I'm hoping it survived, and it's early enough that if it's still there it won't destroy my data, but still! Too bad it wasn't taking data continuously.

ETA: Apparently it was a 5.5 on the Richter scale, and it was centered *just* north of me, thanks to this really awesome real-time reference with specific data already!

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21 Apr - Television!
hair blowing
Glee - the Madonna EpisodeCollapse )

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adam, red bucket
My province has unrolled the first overhaul to its sex ed curriculum since 1998 (is that really twelve years ago?), and this stood out to me as being awesome (and thus is also the most contentious part for all those conservative objectors who think telling a kid about sexuality will result in them being sluts.)

Some of the most controversial changes are in the Grade 3 curriculum. In a discussion on human development and showing respect for people’s differences, for example, teachers are invited to discuss “invisible differences,” including gender identity and sexual orientation, in an effort to reflect the fact that more and more students have same-sex parents.

I liked boys enough I wasn't troubled by also liking girls until the middle of high-school, but so much of the pain I read about queer kids growing up is that nobody tells them they exist. This is grade three, so I'm sure it will be couched in pretty light terms, but there will be terms with which to talk about not just sexual orientation but GENDER IDENTITY. In public school! To ten year olds! Go Ontario.

(The suggestion that this is too early is clearly laughable - I want to hit that Reverend over the head for thinking (a) it's going to make kids want to be transgendered or (b) that clearly these things aren't an issue for ten-year-olds.)

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hair blowing
I just took the "Project Implicit" Gender-Science association text, having read about it in the book Blink. By all accounts, this is an essentially impossible test to fake. And I ended up with:

Your data suggest a moderate association of Female with Science and Male with Liberal Arts compared to Male with Science and Female with Liberal Arts.

Whoo! I mean, yes, I'm female and in physics, but I am surrounded by men, have male teachers, read about male scientists, etc. I would have thought I was conditioned to assume men = science. However, it occured to me that many of my female friends are in biology fields, so that may have helped unconsciously!

Here's their general breakdown:

Definitely going to try some of their other ones later - I suspect I will not to as "well", or even sans-bias.

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15 Mar - Cooking porn!
hair blowing
Dude, if you are in need of a set of good knives, this deal on a Henckels knife set is outrageous. J has one of those knives, and it is a dream to use.

And while your at it, want to order me a bunch of things and send them up my way? Stupid free shipping and it being a stupid American thing. How much more expensive can it be to ship a few kilometers north? This is especially annoying when the dollar is at par (more or less), since OMG so many things are so much cheaper in the US.

Cooking and baking things I would like:
  • a pizza stone and peel
  • a coffee grinder
  • a digital weigh scale
  • a digital all-purpose thermometer
  • a silicon baking sheet
And while we're at it, things I would like but am not going to be able to afford until... uh, maybe a long time, how about... (cut for pictures!)Collapse ) This post has comment count unavailable comments at Dreamwidth. Leave a comment!
21 Dec - BOO YEAH
science did not fail me

That course was hardcore, man, and I went into it with really crappy math skills - and the course is essentially mathematical tools for physicists, fourier and complex and differential analysis.

It was curved, and like whoa, but I put twenty hours a week into that course more often than not, so that was definitely earned. And the three people I worked with, Joseph, Jeff, and Zack, all got A+'s too, which is awesome, because that course was such a team effort.

Just thermodynamics left, and I realized today that if I get 56% on the final, I get an A- in the course. Everything after that is just gravy! Awesome.

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hair blowing
From rm and mellacita.

1. The illness I live with is:
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

cut for the other 29 questionsCollapse )

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27 Aug - Whoops.
hair blowing

No, not really. *blows kisses to kel_reiley*

But it is her fault I just dropped too much money on this cape, especially after factoring in shipping and exchange rate (andtheextraheadbandithrewin), because I'd never heard of Modcloth before she linked to it.

My excuse? I live in Canada. I have to wear a coat for a good six or seven months out of the year. I need variety! (Plus, CAPE.)

I've never bought clothes offline online* before, but the reviews are good so... *crosses fingers*

*I have trouble with this phrase, because I really want to say "off online", but it gets shortened to "off line" and then the total opposite of what I really mean.

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26 Aug - Movies!
hair blowing
The last two movies I've seen in theatres have both been really enjoyable. I'm not a particularly critical movie watcher, in that I generally can get into most any movie that isn't a Will Ferrel comedy (sorry B, and your epic love for Talladega Nights) without worrying too much about anything in particular, but these two stood out as more than just good times.

District 9 spoilers, though nothing plotty, totally readable before watchingCollapse )

Julie & Julia, again not really spoilery except for one early sceneCollapse )
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